Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol and Other NEWs

Did you know that the word, NEWS, comes from the acronym for North, East, West, and South?  I learned that from a bathroom book... ha!  

Well, I've got some Idol news first for ya and this time, it has nothing to do with the contestants.  THIS time, I will be on stage with Jordin Sparks singing background vocals on her new single "Battlefield"... such a good song!  While I am continuing to set my record up just right, I will be joining Jordin along with other artists TBA =)  on the road for a little bit.  It will be a bit of a new adventure and a different role for me to play, but I am excited about a change of pace and am open to what God wants to do with me in the midst of it.  In the meantime, I will be continuing to write, record, and really connect with you all and keep you in the mix of things.  It has been a very trying time for me personally, just with having this project be delayed, and more delayed, and more delayed, but I believe that it will release when it's ready to be released and all I can do is be prepared.  SO, I hope that I can see some of your smiling faces on the road and don't forget to watch Idol on Wednesday night (and Tues, of course).... it's gonna be a blast!


  1. thats great Rachael :D
    its always good to try new things, i hope you have fun and i'll try to go to a show of yours!!
    God Bless!!!
    -Aliccia <3

  2. Oh that's so awesome! I'd love to watch you sing but unfortunately I can't watch Idol over here in Europe.
    I really wish you all the best and hope that God will exactly show you his will and way for you!

    ~*be blessed

  3. Well that sounds like fun! And even though it's a departure from the norm for you it sounds like a great opportunity to work with some amazing artists.

  4. Hmmm.... I know who Jordin's going on tour with and I will risk being engulfed by screaming 13 year olds to see you sing. I'm still sad I missed you while you were here last month in Seattle @ the Nectar Lounge.

  5. A big WOW and PTL. I knew the Lord was going to send you to Holywood. God hasBIG things ahead for you my friend and sister. God is going to use you to be a sister to the stars.God is going to open doors for you to befriend Miley Cyrus. God is going to use you both to reach out and befriend Britney Spears!The church slammed brit on tv and God wants to use you and Miley to do damage control and love her Home. You guys dont want her money . God is going to open doors for you to start your own film production and record label. God is going to send you the right people and backing. starta bible study for christian celebs that is invite and underground only . You havent seen nothing yet! Love john

  6. I looooooooooooooove bathroom books!!!!!!!! They're the best!


  7. Wow! I didn't even realize. I watched the performance back, and you looked adorable and sounded terrific as always! I'm excited for you. But Jordin should be singing backup for you! haha.

  8. Just wanted to tell you that I saw you on IDOL. How cool was that? Jordin really got into the performance. Hope you had fun.

  9. Hey Rachael! I wish I had read this post prior to seeing Jordin's performance on Idol. I went back and watched it again on you tube and did see you! It was really odd to see you sing back up! Not to bash Jordin, because I love her, but you are absolute fave and I think you are soooooo much better than here. lol But I think you are better thane everyone so I am biased!

    I cannot wait for your new album! Well, I can wait, and I will, but I am so eager to here it! I know it's going to rock!

    I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying life! God Bless ya chica!


  10. hey rachael! i dont really know how else to talk to you. so ill comment on your blog. do you have an email or something? well im a singer my self not professional or anything. but id love to get my voice herd. i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so its kinda hard to do here. theres next to no opertunities. well anyways. i hope you reply to me. mayb you are too busy with all your fans and what not. but i really feel like God has called me to be a singer. much like you. and i noticed on your myspace it said "unsigned" how does that work do you just make all your music yourself...sorry i dont know that much about you. i just love your music and have perfomed it at church and stuff its much my style of singing. well please reply. my email is lotrjuss@hotmail.com. i could really use some pointers on how to get my talent noticed. thank you. i love your music keep seeking God. :)

  11. the NEWS thing is NEWS to me...very interesting fact! thanks Rachel!

  12. Hi Rachel, Sorry for using this space for other purposes ...
    I'm Juan Carlos of Paraguay, a catholic musician from South America, and i wanted to ask you if you're still an a Christian Catholic artist as when started at young age of 15 years ...

    Rachel many blessings, and your songs even without the certainty of your faith, they were always of great blessing for me...


  13. I learned a new fact! I never knew that before. I watched Hidden Secrets for the 3rd time with my family last night. It was a great reality check after coming back from college this year. Great music and a great movie!

    Keep the faith and stay strong as you venture into a new area. God has used you so much, and He will continue to do so. Let Him lead, and no matter what comes your way, keep Him first in your life. He'll always be there--I know He will! God bless, Rachael!

    -Justin C

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  15. Rachael, I really need Speak with you.
    Im brazilian, and i need your number for shows and, i need speak w you about a cd. Im interested in 4 songs, yours songs, and i think about translater and make somethink diferent.
    Im sorry about my english.
    My e-mail: luciana.aguiar.v@gmail.com
    msn: htaliliu@hotmail.com

  16. Hello. Just checking out new blogs and I really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like.

  17. Hi Rach. Please contact singer Martha Wash. She needs help with her new cd project. She Loves the Lord too. google martha wash.
    God will open every door for you

  18. Patience ultimately gives us the opportunity to share God's love. (Rom. 5:1-5)When one door closes in front of you, God will open another. It looks like He has started to open some doors for you. Just follow where He leads you and you will see great rewards. Look for a message on MySpace. It might take awhile for you to get to it, but I hope it gives you encouragement.

  19. Hi Rach. Please get your girls bible study and christian celeb support group together. Please invite. jessica ashley simpson,paris hilton,britney spears,stacie orrico,miley cyrus,destinys child, any other christian actresses and singers. they could mmet at your place. dont be afraid. they need jesus love and your love too. love,prophet john.ps gloria gaynor is working on hercd project too please contact her.at her web site. still kep praying about a christian film co. maybe miley and billyray cyrus and the jonas brothers would invest and acct in the future projects. God IS blessing you!love,john

  20. Hey Rach! Can't wait to hear what is going on in your world!

  21. I just saw on your myspace that you're engaged! How have you not blogged about that yet!!!!

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  23. uau Rachel, I'm glad about you... and I'm sad coz here in Brazil I can't watch Idol... But, I know that you'll be great there, and like you said "you're open to what God wanna do through you", along this way, be prepared girl, You'll do great things... Be blessed, Jackson Brazil, from Brasil.

  24. Rachael, according to Snopes.com that tidbit about the word "news" is false: http://www.snopes.com/language/acronyms/news.asp

    God bless, Edward

  25. Excuse me, Rachel, may I ask you a question?
    I´d like to know what´s your religion.
    I´m from Brazil.

    Any doubt, contact me: metaltrindade@hotmail.com

  26. I looooooove your songs!!!!
    I play Keyboard in a Catholic group, here in my local church(Brazil).
    I´d love to talk to you...
    Just to know more about...
    And make a new specially friend!
    See you...
    Have a nice week!

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  28. Caramba! este homem "vertuno" parece louco por você, querida rachael ts ts

    Olá! Me chamo Geyrison e também sou brasileiro e triste somente por acreditar que o brasil e você estão muito muito distantes. graças a Deus que os albums de vocÊ são vendidos pelo selo "BOMPASTOR" :)

    sabia você mesma ser uma de todas as mais conhecidas cantoras cristãs internacionais aqui? dançarinos AMAM a música "SAVIOR SONG" e tocam ela nas ruas para falar sobre Deus. Eu sendo um simples músico amador admiro muito isto, algo "invejável"!

    Soube de seu EP, espero não precisar comprar "importado" (oh meu bolso, irá ser tão caro) tão quanto espero que em seu casamento você seja muito feliz.

    até seu próximo post.