Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey guys!  Sorry I dipped out for a second, it has been quite of time of decision-making and forward moving and I had to sort of turn down the volume of the world to hear the truth.  Have you ever felt like that?  It's good for ya, I highly recommend it!  Thanks again for your patience.

On another note, I have apparently underestimated the powerful storm that is the American Idol rumor mill!  Ha... I don't know if anyone followed it, but it was pretty entertaining to see how far a few words can travel.  All that to say, I'll be doing my best to stay out of that, but the funny thing is that now I go on one of those blog sites to keep up with Idol.  Oh this internet is a wonderful thing.  

So, I have nothing juicy for you this time, but I do want to pass on to you one of my favorite records right now.  I know I'm a little late on the train, but I can't stop listening to Adele.  You must check it out!  Love you guys...

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