Monday, March 2, 2009

And so it begins...

Okay... I have to be honest, I have lost a bit of sleep over how I am going to approach THE FIRST POST (there was an orchestra hit in my head when I typed that).  For one, I am not the most amazing writer, and secondly, I am a bit of a scatterbrain so you might want to grab a cup of coffee before deciding to read any of my posts.  So, with that said I am just going to go for it.  For those who don't know me at all, I have had a fairly adventurous life as a recording artist.  When I was 14, I signed on to Word Records and began about an 8 year whirlwind of releasing records, touring, and a lot of other fun things in between.  I wouldn't trade a bit of it for anything, BUT about 2 years ago, I felt the need to catch my breath.  Not knowing quite what I was asking for, I made the attempt to escape music for a bit.  It didn't take long for me to realize that that wasn't what I wanted AT ALL.  What I needed to escape from was deadlines, guidelines, and airlines.  No doubt, that is what I signed up for and I blame no one for it.  It was simply a kick in the butt I felt to change directions.  Now before we start dissecting the wording of the previous sentence, let me clarify that I am not making a big announcement on what "industry"  or "market"  I will be moving into, it is truly pertaining to the way that I approach music... or more appropriately, the way it is approaching me.  It honestly feels like every song, every line and note is happening to me.  I am no longer chasing it or forcing it... it's just happening and that is what I have been praying for.  I've heard it said a couple times by 2 of my hero songwriters, Cindy Morgan and Drew Ramsey, that every song is already written, it's only a matter of us snatching it up and putting it down on paper.  I believe that now.  I believe in what I am writing, recording, experiencing.  In what God is leading me to express in my music and in how He will guide me to release it.  I hope you will join me in this journey.  That's where the good stuff is, in the journey.  


  1. Great post Rachael. I for one cannot wait for your next album, as all of your other albums are extremely awesome and inspiring.

  2. Rachael---

    Been waiting to get some kind of an update from you. Glad to hear that you are finding open doors in front of you! Would enjoy hearing all the new sounds.

    God bless you!

  3. Glad to hear you use your talents for the Lord!

  4. I enjoy reading. It's funny cause some of stuff you touched on reminds me of things going on in my own life and it's refreshing to hear some else confronts similar desicions. I can't wait for the new record. And i pray God blesses you with your hearts desires!!!

  5. Rachael, I am so happy you have started a blog! I have been your fan since your first record and am looking forward to continuing to follow you and your work. Cant wait for the new album!

  6. Hey girl, You've got to do whatever God is leading you to do at all times and we understand that. All of your fans have missed you over the past couple of years but we are proud of you for doing what you needed to do. So, are you saying you won't be touring anymore? I'd understnad but it will be sad if I don't get to see you again <3 Elise

  7. Welcome to the blog world! Whatever the case may be, music speaks to the soul. I wish you nothing but the best!
    -Mariel (Los Angeles, CA)

  8. Hey, welcome to the blogging world (aren't we all sucked in?)! It is great that you will be writing down all the thoughts! I will add you to my blogroll!
    It is so amazing that God has blessed you with the gift of music....your songs touch me very much. There was a time in my life where I wasn't walking with God although I had already accepted Jesus as my savior and I just wanted to let you know that even during this time, I was constantly listening to the song "I am blessed" is still one of my favorite songs and it truly reminds me of how gracious God is :)

  9. Hi Rachael,

    It is so great to hear from you!! I've been a fan of yours since the begining of your career and I'm so proud to be a fan of Rachael Lampa!
    I'm so pleased that you will be sharing your thoughts with us! You are and always have been an Inspiration to me! May God Bless you now & always!

  10. so, I keep checking back and there are no more posts...get it girl! I just added you to our blog, so link us if you like :) Have a good weekend...we are heading out of town for the weekend, so I'll see you later...

  11. Your blog was great I dont know what you were worried about.
    I worry about Stacey Orrico and I worry about you because I'm afraid you're going to go and record bad stuff and I shouldn't be.
    I know GOD is leading you and you will follow wherever HE Leads and not the world.
    It's just that you've touched my life, as well as Stacey Orrico, in so many ways, we need you.
    The world has enough, they need more JESUS and people NOT ashamed or afraid to share that. People not trying to be what the "World wants" simply to be a success. Because to "truly" be a success is to live as GOD wants us to. And you've always done that, as has Stacy. Please tell her we are praying for you all in JESUS' Precious Name. And I KNOW you are making GOD proud and will continue to do so :)
    Hugz & Blessings,
    Keep it up,
    Never give up,
    HE is so Proud of you, you're Heavenly Father,
    Ramon and Lisa

  12. I'm glad you're not chasing the wind and ending up right where you began :) I can't wait to hear your new music coz I know that God will use you as an instrument to reach out to us.

    I miss your website where you included your own reflections behind the songs.

    and FYI you're last album has been the soundtrack of my life for the past couple months. It's really helping me battle the storm I'm facing!

    God bless :)

  13. I hope you figure out how u do the thing u love... *warm hugs across the miles* because you are just wonderful :-)

  14. I'm so thrilled to hear from you. I have been a dedicated supporter for nine years now, and I want to see and hear so much more from you. Keep up the blogs!

  15. i am so happy to see you blogging...and i'm interested in seeing how God will lead you musically in the future. my daughter will be going to GMA's this year and we are just starting a music journey of our own. a little scary, we are having to trust God- it's good to be able to keep up with you, i love your music.