Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Upcoming showzzzzzz

Hey Guyzzz....
 I don't know why, but the use of multiple z's in a row remind me of being in high school and I like that feeling sometimes so that's how I'm gonna roll today =).  Hope thatzz ok with you.

Today, I kinda rolled out the calendar and filled in some squarez... no world tour YET, but just a couple stops to break up my time in the studio.   Here's the latest:

Mar 31. Santa Barbara, CA. Soho.
April 9. Los Angeles, CA. DreamCenter.
April 12. Riverside, CA. TBA.
April 15. Seattle, WA. Nectar Lounge.
May 17. Shelbyville, TN. Calsonic Arena. 931.685.9434
May 31.  Hollywood, CA. The Beverly Hilton

I will be giving some sneak peaks at the new stuff and play some more familiar songs for old time'zzz sake.  Love the day!


  1. This is awesome and I hope you get a chance to post some pictures of your upcoming events as well. Im soo excited you will be in California so much! God Bless you Rachael.

  2. Hey Rachael! I got so excited when I saw that you would be coming to Seattle for a show (because I'm here for school..I'm originally from Oahu :) but I visited the website to find out where to buy tickets and to my dismay..its only for 21+...and I'm only 19! :/ I've never got to see you perform live but I really hope to someday're such an amazing singer! So, if you decide to stop by Oahu during the summertime or Seattle (again) for an all ages event, that would be incredible! I wish you the best of luck & God bless!