Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We choose.

My words spoken per day in the past three days may have broken a record for me in my lifetime.  For some reason, I have found myself on the receiving end of a lot of verbal throw-up.  The good kind though.  Sorry for the visual, but it does the job.  Everyone from a young girl in a hard marriage to a grown man still dealing with the pain of his parent's divorce to a homeless man who can find his heart after losing his only love to breast cancer 30 years ago.  A dynamic bunch, but so beautifully similar.  I knew I had to gather this information and learn something about life.... and I did.  We will all have pain and we will all be scarred by it, but we can also fly above it and not be a RESULT of it. 

Bottom line:  
We all can find a reason to be absolutely nuts, IF we choose. 
We can all look at our stories on paper and see a total mess, if we choose.
We can all justify living a hopeless, loveless life, if we choose.

We all can take our old or current pain and damage and appreciate that we have seen the world in it's most real sense, and turn that into compassion.  Even passion, if we choose.
We can look at our lives less as "black and white stories on a page" and see it as a beautiful, multi-dimensional terrain with mountains and valleys and rivers and cliffs, if we choose.
We can finally accept that our only real hope and only real love comes from Jesus, and as hard as we try to be righteous, we are still imperfect, flawed humans.... IF we choose.

Hmmmm...  I am guilty of giving into the thoughts of the first section, but I can CHOOSE to change my mind about those in an instant!  I will probably have to do this everyday of my life.  But I am reminded everytime, that anything that this world can do to me, that my circumstances or just my situation can make me FEEL, God is stronger, bigger, better.  He can not only change my environment, he can go a step further and change my actual feelings, IF I choose.  Pretty mind-blowing, pretty exciting.  It's a challenge.  It's my challenge to me, and why not?  I challenge you. ;) 

Just something to think about. Love you guys. 


  1. very true. i have to remind myself of this often. love this post...thanks.

  2. Hey Rachel, your words are inspiring. There's more to your writing than you think. You've got a gift. I loved your last album. Two songs in particular saw me through some rough days, "Room" and "The Art." Keep writing from the heart and allow transparency and lessons learned to guide your hands. You're awesome!

    By the way, I'd love it if you joined my blog. Like you I just started this recently, last December. : )


  3. Very well said Rachael!!

  4. AMEN to that! Very powerful post. I always try to see my life like you described in the second section but sometimes it is just so hard and everyone falls back into the "first category thinking" at times. But alas, Jesus is always there for us...he catches us when we fall and he gives us the passion for life that we need :)

  5. Hey Rachael Lampa..thanks for doing this blog thing...it is super kool..I just needed to hear what u wrote above and on your other posts...you seem to be a really funny person...i'm funnier though..ha..ha..lol. All jokes aside, thanks for your music...i am a new fan of yours...I found out about you..ummm...like this time last year during exams..I found you on youtube. I watch your videos on youtube everyday..its on my playlist. You should come to Canada some day to perform!! that would be kool. Anywho i have to go get my beauty sleep. God Bless you and thanks again for your words and music. Over and out.

  6. Hi Rachael, just want to encourage you today to keep on singing! It is your God given gift and it flows so naturually. I am an artist too, but opposite of what you do. I am more on the visual side, I love to draw and paint and so on. But I have been listening to your music for some time and love your voice and style very much. Right now I have your Kaleidoscope CD in my cd player and I am enjoying every song as I work at my computer. I have been in the arts business since a young age too just like you, I started at age 14, I've found that when I have given my talents over to God, He continually opens the doors for me. Also as a Christian we will face hard times and I have been through alot of hard times, but I find that when I am in the fire it may seem I am alone but really I am not because Jesus is always with us. Also when we come out of the fire I find that the circumstances I have been through helped me to grow stronger and deeper in God. Please keep up the great singing and looking foward to your next album. Have a wonderful day and take care, because there are people like me who think about you and care about you. Also just to let you know that I am a mix plate myself, I am part Filipino and a bunch of other stuff. God Bless, and Much Aloha! From a fan in Hawaii!!!

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  8. Thank you for this blog. I was having a really bad day last week. My ex had started contacting me again and I was trying to not read his texts and the pain from our breakup a couple of years ago. I was searching for hope and to not let him contacting me get me down, and then I stumbled across your blog. I was listening to your CD that day and decided to go to your site, and then your blog. From there I found your blog and read this. It really touched me. So many times I tell myself to surrender my all to God, but sometimes I think, is it worth it? Should I leave my boyfriend for an ex boyfriend that messed with my head and heart, but still has a hold on me now? Should I give way to the voices in my head and go back to an abusive relationship that was so wrong? No! No matter how hard my suffering may be, I will fall into the arms of my Savior. My love for life. I choose to stay away from my ex, I choose to be positive, I choose to not let my thoughts rule my head, and I choose to thank God for every moment. Thank you Rachel.